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Welcome to Transtrain, your reliable partner in regulatory airport security training.

Transtrain specialises in efficient, functional online training, allowing those who need this critical information in their work to learn, revise and test their knowledge with the ultimate aim of providing a safe, secure service to airport clients.

Transtrain was created by a team with experience in this sector, balancing the top concern of security on site with the need for teams of people to take on the knowledge they need in the most effective and efficient way. Providing great value to all clients, whether you are an individual, a small team, or a large company, we offer special rates for renewals when you pay up front in advance and include as standard a reminder when your certification is nearing expiry.

We aim to always make our communications clear, concise and without any space for misinterpretation. This is as true for our online courses as our customer service and back-office processes.

To protect the security of our airports and in accordance with EU regulation 2015/1998, we can only provide these courses to accredited people and companies and will therefore need to carry out checks that you are legitimately allowed access to these courses before you can take them. These checks are carried out as part of the registration process. Please start your registration here.

Key benefits of Transtrain Online Training:

  • Great value courses, covering exactly what you need
  • No excess time out of work travelling to courses
  • Lock in our best prices by signing up for renewals
  • User-friendly content designed to make learning efficient and clear
  • Automatic notifications when training is approaching expiry
  • Certification emailed immediately upon completion to keep your files up to date and compliant

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